Thursday, April 19, 2018

Social Media Marketing Services

What is Social Media Marketing?

Also known as digital marketing and or e-marketing
It is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product, business or service.
And to interact with their target markets via various social media platforms such as:
Facebook - (The Largest networking)
YouTube - (the largest video networking site)
Instagram - (image sharing)
Twitter - (message broadcasting)
LinkedIn - (the largest network of business professionals)
Pinterest - (image collection/sharing)
Tumblr - (blogging/photo sharing)
Quora- (information and knowledge exchange)
Whatsapp- (messaging, audio and video communications)

Social media marketing provides companies with a way to reach new customers, engage with existing customers and promote its desired culture, mission or tone.
This allows marketers to use a broad range of tactics and strategies to promote content and to have people engage with it.
Most social networks allow users to provide detailed geographical, demographic and personal information

How is Social Network Marketing Used?

>> Increase referrals or sales leads
>> Build word of mouth
>> Increase sales of products or services
>> Provide a means of feedback
>> Develop a reputation as an expert or thought-leader
>> Drive traffic to a business website or blog
>> Develop new products or services
>> Keep people informed about special events and anything else newsworthy about the business
>> Provide customer service

RSH Web Services Social Media Marketing

Provides full-service social media marketing for a wide variety of businesses.
We present you with a evaluation of your current social media and digital marketing needs,
From here we can form a clear vision and strategy to help your business reach its goals.
We customize your brand messaging so you stand out and engage customers where they really spend their time.
The right social positioning can fulfill your business objectives while growing your bottom line.
Our social media services puts the focus on what really matters to your business.

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