Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Why Build it yourself Websites fail

Are They Really Cost Efficient?

"Build your web site in under an hour"

Here are some sound reasons why a “Do It Yourself” websites misses the mark of creating a great website

When you hire a professional Web Development company you not only pay for their service but you also pay them for saving time.
The time you spend on making a DIY website can be otherwise spent in doing your core business activities that are already generating regular income.

Search Engines NOT Optimized

Content is king on ranking websites with any SEO Marketing campaign, and the more quality keywords, the better the results.
Most website builders will only allow 1 or 2 pages to tell a story about your company’s products and services.
This will limit your ability to send the message you need to.
It also will not allow you to take advantage of keyword rich content, such as unique Titles, Descriptions, URLs, Headlines, Body Copy.....
Additionally, most all DIY websites are not search engine friendly.
And most designs with a web site builder inserts unnecessary markup that Google doesn’t like.
You also may not be able to set important data, such as meta and microdata tags, and their lack of multiple pages limits the number of keywords Google can index.

Lack of Originality

Your website is the first impression potential clients or customers have of your business.
Using a Template is also not the answer
Why would you entrust the one asset unique to your business and your brand to a cookie-cutter look,
Replicating the same website like thousands of others?
What does it say about your business when your website conveys a lack of sophistication, unique looks and to control its own destiny?
A website that will not successfully highlight your brand, its services and its products are just another (boring) website.
Whether it’s written content, original photography, or custom graphics, it’s still up to you to be creative,
A website builder isn’t going to generate those assets from scratch.

Limited Flexibility and Scalability

Website builders are not designed to allow for customization.
The ability to allow your website to grow with your business is often not an option.
Do you want to include a form to gather information from your visitors?
Would you like to sell products on-line?
You’ll have to find a new solution and or start from scratch.
In addition, many website builders are not designed to go mobile and often still use dying FLASH software.
Both now large factors in determining page rank with Google.
Not only does this leave you at risk for being out of Google’s good graces, but with website usage on mobile devices approaching 70% in some markets,
Not having a responsive - mobile ready website means frustrating and confusing your visitors.
Although the upfront costs of a website builder can seem attractive to most DIY's, once you factor in hosting and maintaining the website the cost quickly escalates.
Also you may have to run advertising on your site or pay extra to have your own domain name pointed to your website.
Most website builders rely on older technologies to give their users reports on traffic to their website.
Thinking of using Google Analytics? It’s mostly likely not supported, despite being the most important and accurate reporting suite around.
Not having this tool is a huge disadvantage in determining how visitors are finding your site and how to make improvements to your site in the future.

All of our web site design and web site redesigning services are response mobile friendly.
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