Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Creating a Website


How to

Make Build or Create

If you’re considering designing a new website or want to redo your current maybe outdated website, you will be faced with some important decisions. We are going to show your choices and explain how specific options may fit your needs. Helping you understand what type of websites you can build and if needed choosing a Domain Name

Do you need a personal website or a complex webstore with customized features, You can build it yourself without having to learn coding, design or spend a lot of money

The essential steps to launch a website:

Understanding what type of Website you need

Choosing a Domain Name and a Hosting Provider

Installing and setting up a CMS like WordPress

Designing your Website and making it look great

Writing and preparing the Content

Testing your Website before and after it's launch

Below are listed some of the main types of websites:

Blogs, Weblogs or Online Diaries

Business Card Website

Portfolio Website

Social Networking Website

Product Brochure Website

Company or Organization Website

E-commerce Website

Search Engines


File Sharing or Downloading Websites

Domain Names

Once you’ve decided on a website you need to start thinking about
Registering a Domain Name
There are more than 1,500 Domain Name Extensions (TLDs), And increasing every day.
Some of the more popular Domain Extensions are:

.com (commercial)

.org (organization)

.net (network)

.us (United States)

.biz (Business)

.info (Information)

.pro (Professional)

Other Top-Level Domain Names:  .top  .accountant  .bid  .company  .cricket  .date   .download  .faith  .loan  .men  .party  .racing  .review   .science  .stream  .trade  .webcam  .win  .works
Also see RSH Web's Blog on Domain Names

Website Hosting Provider

Selecting a reliable hosting services provider can effect the functionality and performance of your website. The Host makes sure your site is available to potential readers 24/7 and this is where your website files are stored online. It is crucial that you choose a reliable provider.
We do Recommend RSH Web Services

Monday, July 9, 2018

Switch to HTTPS

Make the switch to HTTPS Now

With Google updating all the time, Websites that haven't changed over to HTTPS or SSL are going to be tagged as “Not Secure” on Google Chrome browsers. With the most recent version of the Chrome launching, this makes the change a necessary task that Domain Name owners face. We have written before relating to What is SSL (HTTPS) and Why Is It Important Beside providing a guide to mobile improvement and getting ready for the Google Speed update, that ensures that your web site would be already updated by the time the HTPPS updates arrives. Website security has invariably been a significant matter for the longest time, as safe browsing enhances the user expertise, and guarantee websites are safe from various threats like malware and viruses. With GDPR "General knowledge Protection Regulation" presently in practice, on-line security and information transparency have been in more focus than ever before. And necessary updates from technical giants like Google will make sure that users would benefit.

If you are looking for Hosting with SSL enabled, RSH Web Services offers Free SSL Certificates with all hosting plans