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eggBlog Hosting
A free PHP and mySQL web blog software package that allows you to create your own on-line Web Blog, Website, Journal or any type of site using your own Domain Name and Web Space, EggBlog was first registered on SourceForge on December 19, 2005. With its built in simplicity, you can start publishing in minutes. Designers and developers love the ability to control HTML and CSS, a powerful blogging software solution that is very user friendly with a clean interface. It helps you instantly publish your blog without getting involved in intricate procedures


Chyrp Hosting
A simple colophon or a hierarchy of multiple pages. You get four beautiful blog themes and a friendly administration console, all fully navigable on a broad range of devices, thanks to the power of responsive HTML5. Semantic markup and comprehensive ARIA labeling ensure your blog will be accessible to visitors who use assistive technologies. Chyrp Lite also implements a complete WordPress-compatible MetaWeblog XML-RPC API that allows you to do many blogging tasks remotely without having to visit your blog's website


Nucleus Hosting
a flexible and easy to install Web Blog software. It helps you to publish a website and lets writers do what they are best at, writing content or articles, without having to worry about formatting and markup. Within a weblog, you can set up one or more categories. Each item you add in your weblog will be put in one of these categories. Nucleus provides a built-in Commenting System, so there's no need for external commentingtools. A karma-voting system is also provided. The way your Nucleus site looks is fully tweakable through skins and templates, and multiple CSS files


PageCookery Hosting
a single user version of the open source microblogging program. PHP and MySQL based architecture is a CMS built on safety, efficiency and stability, to share for Micro Blogging solutions. PageCookery is small, fast and feature-rich with unrivaled ease of installation and use. All maintenance and administration can be performed through your web browser, making PageCookery ideal for anybody who is constantly on the move or not having direct access to their Hosting Company

Movable Type

Movable Type Hosting
Movable Type is a powerful CMS for building websites, blogs, and communities on a single platform. It is very easy to publish and share information with Movable Type. Movable Type makes it simple to manage entire websites, start new blogs, and build an engaged community of readers and customers


Leafpub Hosting
With Leafpub you can publish your content with just a few clicks. You do not have to fumble with your CMS each time before you have to publish new content or quickly make an adjustment. If you're annoyed with Joomla or WordPress maybe it's time to change. Company websites can be easily made with Leafpub. Leafpub is an open source blogging platform with inline editing, handlebar templates, and a beautiful user interface. Introducing the first open source publishing platform to feature a true WYSIWYG editor


FlatPress Hosting
a very lightweight and easy to set up Web Blogging script or program. Plain and simple with just PHP. No database is needed. Features include Standard compliant (XHTML valid) No need to fiddle with SQL. Easy to backup with just one directory to copy. Easy plugin support system. Widget support. Easy to customize with themes (powered by Smarty)


PivotX Hosting
ivotX software was created to help you maintain dynamic sites such as Web Blogs, online journals and other frequently updated websites. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL or flat files as a database. PivotX is also great to maintain more complex websites. The powerful core and flexible template system make it easy for developers to adjust and extend. Whether you want an easy and friendly robust blogging tool or are looking to push things to the max


HTMLy Hosting
an open source "Data Base Less" Blogging Platform or Flat File Web Blog built with simplicity and speed in mind. Written in PHP. HTMLy can be called a Flat File CMS since it will also manage your content. HTMLy uses a unique algorithm to find and list any content based upon date, type, category, tag, or author, and will remain fast even if with thousands of posts and tags. As a flat file Web Blog or flat file CMS , HTMLy is designed to run smoothly while using minimal Web Server resources


Pixie Hosting
Web Bolg application that allows for the creation and management of small websites. Pixie is known for its ease of use, simple installation and unique interface. Pixie is uses the server side script language PHP and MySQL database for data storage. Search engine optimization and Clean URLs. Database backups, File manager, Microformats, User privileges, Valid XHTML output, Setting of time zones, Protection against comment spam, Built in WYSIWYG HTML editors for the admin area, RSS feeds for your blog, Multilingual


LifeType Hosting
LifeType started as a project to create a flexible blogging program. Built with the intention to have a scalable architecture while keeping the core as small as possible, ensuring an efficient and fast Blog web publishing engine. LifeType supports multiple blogs and users, media management, clean URLs and support for sub-domains. Writing articles is easy with the built in state of the art WYSIWYG editor. Adding content, pictures and sound files is just as easy. The Dashboard provides you with all the information you need. Recent articles, comments and trackback as well as brief statistics get you updated about your blog immediately


Nibbleblog Hosting
a Web Blog platform that uses XML databases only. It is small, less than half a megabyte and easy to install with a simple 1 step installer. Nibbleblog is a powerful blogging software solution that is very user friendly with a clean interface. It helps you instantly publish your blog without getting involved in intricate procedures and excessive features hat can prove to be more of hindrance than being helpful


Textpattern Hosting
one of the nicest and elegant designed Blog CMS. Web designers, developers, publishers and bloggers of all types love the flexibility and extensibility. With it's powerful sophisticated engine that can be infinitely tuned to suit whatever type of Web Blog or Website you can imagine. With its built in simplicity, you can start publishing in minutes. Designers and developers love the ability to control all aspects of HTML and CSS, and with hundreds of plugins available, the power of Textpattern CMS is easily extended. Having complete control over the content and presentation, making this program both simple and elegant to use. You can produce well structured and compliant websites while authors can get on with publishing and editing their content. Textile, which uses markers to nudge plain text into fully formatted content is also built in


b2Evolution Hosting
a CMS program that allows you to build and manage your own Blog site. This can range from a simple home page to a full featured site with multiple blogs, forums and structured content such as knowledge bases. To a blog, a photo gallery or a newsletter, Community Website with forums, members directory and private messaging, b2evolution includes everything you need in a single integrated package. Also considered a very good and powerful WordPress alternative. Compared to other We Blogs b2evolution is designed to handle multiple blogs


Dotclear Hosting
with it's solid team of developers, is popular in French speaking countries. Developing a software that fully respects web standards based on open source solutions, with multilingual interface and publishing capabilities. Written in PHP. Dotclear purpose is to provide a very easy to use and user friendly tool allowing anyone to publish their Blog, regardless of their technical skills. Features include handling multiple blogs, using Wiki or XHTML syntax for entries with support for several database types. Possessing a rich functionality that makes it a high quality publishing CMS equaling and even outperforming other similar Blog Software


Serendipity Hosting
Providing a blog engine that users can trust, which they can get individual support and being able to influence the project (both as users and developers). Security. Our Team is always mindful of and open to reports for potential security issues. And our track record shows that we have dealt with the few issues we have had swiftly. Extensibility Themes and Plugins provide an easy way to change the looks and add functionality. Building a simple, but powerful as well as understandable interfaces


Pubvana Hosting Utilizing the easy to use and powerful Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Providing fast, powerful blogging and pages. It is made for bloggers and small business and personal web sites. Make your website as unique as you are. Choose from pre made themes, or build your own. Translated into multiple languages and adding more. Visitors can subscribe to your Blog and get blog posts via email

Sunday, May 19, 2019

What Is Joomla?

Joomla is a complete CMS which is easy to learn, easy to setup and is 100% free to use. The whole Joomla platform is open for you to inspect and modify how ever you like. And with the third party Development Community hat has created thousands of plugins, extensions and templates greatly simplifies the using of Joomla. Joomla components give you the possibility to manage professional slide shows, gallery extensions, create modern menu systems and so much more

Joomla helps create and manage any size website or multiple websites. It allows you to create a Template that will act as the basic styling and layout for the entire website. If you are also looking to creating a large dynamic website with many pages and or articles Joomla works great in this area
Our blog on Joomla Resources
Joomla vs WordPress vs Drupal Which is better?
Joomla Hosting Plans and Packages

Some Joomla Features:

100% free
Easy to install
Expanded content management
Expanded user management
Weblink management
Contact forms
Text editors like JCE
Large community support
Language manager for translating your website into another language
Has a very flexible purpose
For bloggers, portals, product catalogs, e-commerce sites, news magazine sites, personal pages, business sites, big corporate sites, government sites, online reservations systems and more

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Strong Passwords

What makes a Strong Password?

Password should consist of at least eight characters. Password should contain uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, spaces, and special characters, if possible

Password Tips:
Keep the password safe
Never share your password
Do not write down your password
Use passwords of at least eight characters or longer
Use a combination of upper, lower, numbers and special characters
Avoid using people or pet’s names
Avoid words found in the dictionary
Avoid using important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc)
A good password looks like a series of random characters
If you think your password may have been compromised change it now

We never recommend using a Online Password Generators or any online Password tools We have heard to many horror stories that Hackers have actually set up Password Websites to collect passwords

The easiest and safest way to create a password is right in cPanel

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Softaculous and cPanel

Softaculous Application Installer

Is an automatic script installer that is integrated into cPanel. Softaculous is tightly integrated with cPanel and you can access 450+ of the most popular PHP, JavaScript, Perl applications. Softaculous also takes care of the complete lifecycle of the application from Installing to backups as well as auto updating, restoring, script ratings, user reviews and online demo's
You no longer need to manually install applications. You can now install these scripts and apps with just a few clicks of you mouse

Try the Softaculous Demo, Check out the Specifications, Read Reviews and much more on each applications available via the Softaculous Auto Installer

How easy it is to use the Auto Install

1.) Log into your cPanel control panel
2.) Click the Softaculous icon
3.) Select the Application you want to install
4.) Select where you want it to be installed
5.) Select your username and password
6.) Click "Install" That is it

Fast Secure Hosting with cPanel

Sunday, May 12, 2019

DDoS Attacks

Why You Need DDoS Protection

A DDoS attack is an attempt to make a Web Server or Website unavailable or to go down by overwhelming it with traffic from numerous sources. The attacks will targets a broad range of websites from banks and news sites and target small businesses, individual websites, political platforms. No Website or Web Server is immune to DDoS attacks

Yes RSH Web Services includes DDoS protection with all Hosting plans

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Domain Names

The Perfect Domain Name
Your personal or professional website is all about making a strong first impression. Choose a domain name for your website that looks as great as your work
When you register a domain, it gives you sole ownership and rights to the name of your site. No one else in the market has the access to the actual name of that particular domain besides you. RSH Web Services - a leading domain hosting services company providing Website Designing Services, Website Hosting, PHP Website Development, Email Services, Wordpress Hosting, SEO Marketing, Website Maintenance, Virtual Private Servers, SSL (HTTPS) Certificates

A domain name is what a person enters in their Internet browser’s address bar to access a website
Difference Between Domain Names And Web Hosting
A domain name, is like the address of your home Web hosting on the other hand, is the space of your house where you place your furniture. Instead of street name and area code, set of words or/and numbers are used for the website’s naming

Friday, May 3, 2019

Small Business Hosting

Your website's ready. Now open its doors. Our hosting service gives your customers a reliable connection to your website. From set up to success, we're with you. See what you can do with the right host behind you

Since 1997 RSH Web has offered reliable small business hosting services
Whether you need a hosting account or domain name for your business we have the service and experienced team to support you

At RSH Web Services we strive to be the best. Backed by the best support team and fastest Servers within the business

Small Business Website Hosting and Free SSL

Thursday, May 2, 2019

cPanel Hosting

With its first-class support and rich feature set. cPanel has been the web hosting industry's most reliable, intuitive control panel. Perfect for individuals and professionals For hosting personal websites, blogs, Ecommerce, forums... Whether you are looking to move your website over to us or to work on your next big project, cPanel hosting is a great all-round choice for small to medium websites and blogs. We give you complete control over your web hosting with the industry-leading cPanel control panel with a useful range of add-ons bundled in like Softaculous for one-click software installs, SEO tools, and much more
Also see our Blog on What is cPanel Hosting

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Website Hosting Services

RSH Web Services Professionally Web Hosting Why Choose Us? You are different. We are different. Let's be different together. Whether you are just starting out with your first website or a seasoned Internet guru, Our professional staff is here to assist you every step of the way. Web hosting is our specialty. Amazing technical support is our pride
Website Hosting Services For Personal and Business With Free SSL