Sunday, June 30, 2019

Surfing the Web Safely

Tips to Surfing the Web Safely

Protecting your online presence is becoming very difficult. The Internet today which is becoming increasingly advertising driven and monitored by the worlds governments

Whether it’s for national security or to steer you towards a product, marketers and governments want to find out everything about you

How to Avoid Them

Stopping them completely is impossible. Hiding your browsing history and stay anonymous online is becoming more difficult. But with a few steps we can make it much harder to track us and make it difficult for anyone to expose you, at least to some extent

Anonymity and being unrecognizable on the Internet has its benefits. But how can you keep yourself and your digital footprints safe, especially with todays mass surveillance?

For more info See: Internet-activity-to-be-monitored-under-new-laws.html the-nsa-might-be-reading-your-searches
And possibly even your Internet provider by

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