Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Secure Mobile Devices

How can you be sure you are Secure when making purchases on your mobile devices? Mobile devices can often be less secure than computers within your own home network

There is also the real possibility of running into exploits with mobile apps. Security for mobile phones has been growing daily and the need is tremendous

We all should watch how Security trends unfold over the next few years. But in the meantime below are some tips you can use to make sure you are protected when purchasing on your smartphone or tablet PC

Download Apps only from Trustworthy Sites

Visiting a wrong app source can get your device infected. It can push malware and viruses to your smartphone without your permissions and can even display fake download buttons. Also downloading 3rd party applications from other sources outside the App Stores can be risky

When shopping on your phone, we suggest you check out the App Store first and see if you can locate a native app. These are usually more secure and less buggy than mobile websites. Plus you will have access to all the major shopping products and categories

Secure Mobile Transactions

Monday, July 15, 2019

Professionally Managed Secure Website Hosting

RSH Web Services Hosting Features
>> 3 Plans to Choose From
>> Softaculous/ over 400 scripts
>> cPanel Control Panel
>> Free SSL (HTTPS) Certificate
>> Free Domain Name
>> Free Domain Private Registration
>> Support International Domain Names
>> POP3 Imap Secure E-mail Support
>> 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Your Wordpress Hosting is a very valuable asset. You will want to make sure it is secure, runs efficiently, and is in the best hands possible
>> Optimized WordPress Hosting Environment
>> POP3 Imap Secure E-mail Support
>> Free SSL Certificate
>> Free Domain Name
>> cPanel & Softaculous included
>> Automatic backups
>> Automatic WordPress Updates
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RSH PHP Hosting Services is unique and any of our PHP based Websites will be faster with more options and better performance
>> 3 Plans to Choose From
>> Customize your PHP version with PHP handlers
>> Easily configure the PHP environment with php.ini
>> Selection of CMSs, blogs, and forums like phpBB
>> Easy-to-use PHP version switcher in cPanel
>> Wide range of PHP modules to work with
>> Fast SSD drives for all hosting packages
>> Full configuration through .htaccess files
>> Free SSL Certificate
>> cPanel and Softaculous included
>> Free Domain Name
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Friday, July 12, 2019

SSL Security Certificates

This is a security feature that you install to your Website. SSL certificates change the beginning of a URL or website address from “HTTP” to “HTTPS” and some times will add a padlock icon or green bar to the address bar in a browser. Having an Security Certificate is the best way to protect your website visitors and make sure all of their valuable data is protected. SSL cert's encrypt all data transmitted to and from a website, preventing attacks where someone could hijack the data before it reaches its destination. Such data may include credit card information, emails and addresses, passwords, private messages, or other sensitive data

When choosing your SSL provider, there are several things to look for:

Who is the Certificate Authority the company uses for their certificates?
What kind of support and documentation does the company provide?
Does the provider make SSL management easy and straightforward?
Does the company provide information about each certificate to help you make the right decision for your website?

The Different SSL Security Certificates

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Outsmarting the Smart Devices

The number of Smart Device's has increased tremendously just in the past few years And it looks like this trend is not going to slow down. From your smartphone to smart doorbells, smart watches, the list is growing daily of the electronic devices that are connected to the Internet Just how much privacy (and personal security) are you trading in for convenience? Just how smart is it to use these devices? Smart devices are everywhere, and most of us own at least one. So let us look at some of the privacy issues these devices represent so you can make an informed decision about which ones you want in your home, business or to carry with you everywhere you go What Are Smart Devices? Wikipedia States that a smart device is any electronic device that can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other networking protocols and “can operate to some extent interactively and autonomously”

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Why choose RSH Web Services

One of the oldest hosting providers in the industry
Month to month billing in case you want to go some where else
(We do not need you to pay in advanced to stay in business like some other companies)
With SSD Servers Performance of page loads and ping times are the fastest around
Your Domain Name is yours "Forever" and new registration is absolutely free
Coding knowledge not required with our Softaculous Auto Installer
450+ Applications ready to install with just a few clicks
Free SSL Certificates for all hosting packages
DDoS Security Protection and Monitoring
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
WordPress with Easy Install
The best Website Control Panel "cPanel"

Exceptional Value

An increasing number of customers are switching to our company every day as they discover the exceptional value that we offer. With our world class technology, award-winning support and cutting-edge security features that are included with every service that we provide, plus our affordable prices. Our customers know that they are getting the best deal to be found anywhere

Superior Reputation

For over 20 years, our company has been leading the way as an innovator in the web hosting services industry, and scores of customers around the globe rely on our company, to keep their web services and apps functioning at optimal levels every day. Our customers love the services that our company provides, as well as our straightforward pricing and world class support that’s second to none, which has created a loyal base of customers who are just as passionate about our Services as we are

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Best Website Hosting Services

Best Web Hosting Review Sites - What’s wrong with them

What is wrong with the most popular websites that contain ratings and reviews of Web Hosting Services. Can you really get a honest rating? Comparing the best website hosting services

Affiliate Programs
Why does every website, blog, and YouTube video about Hosting, Domain Names and Web Services seem to recommend one of just a handful of companies? They pay the highest affiliate commissions Most all of the biggest hosting companies have affiliate programs, a short list of these companies