Saturday, September 14, 2019

What to Look for in a VPN

When researching for a good VPN company there are four critical security features to look for

Military Grade 256-bit Encryption
The first feature is a VPN is military-grade (256-bit) encryption. The 256-bit encryption has an encryption key length of 2265. that is 1.2 x 1077 possible combinations needed to unveil a single encryption key. That’s about 115 Quattuorvigintillion possibilities. The numbers are indeed mind boggling. But thats the idea, to make it virtually impossible to crack. Brute-forcing is simply not possible with 256-bit encryption

Servers and Locations
Next be sure that your VPN provider has over 1,000 Servers and to be located Worldwide. This ensures that there are always enough connection points and IP addresses to offer you a high-quality connection

Easy Connect
3rd is a VPN company that connects automatically or allows you to start a secure connection very easily. Having to log in and out of your VPN every time you want to get online can become a nuisance and you may at times just forget to log on

No Logging
Last to look for is a " Policy". When choosing a VPN provider they should keep NO logs on users. This means the VPN should not record what websites you visit, what you download, or any form of traffic whatsoever. If a VPN provider logs IP addresses, that provider many not be optimal for privacy. The service should not log any user data or ever retain logs for periods of time

Free VPNs

These companies are plentiful but these normally will share your browsing data with third parties. Your best bet is to purchase a subscription from a provider that offers a no-log VPN, which means the vendor won’t record your browsing data and later sell it to the highest bidder. When selecting a provider, be sure to read the fine print. Many are clear about how they treat your data, though 26 of the most popular free VPNs have actually admitted to logging user data despite claiming otherwise


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