Saturday, October 5, 2019

Is My Car Spying on Me?

Your Car is Spying on You
Rental Cars Spying? Feds Spying?

Experts Say YES!

Data generated by your car already collects information about you and your driving habits. It also has the ability to monitor and or sell this data

If you have a newer luxury auto, have a fancy Infotainment system. On Board Diagnostics (OBDs), Event Data Recorders (EDRs). Toll Booth Transponders (TBTs) or any other unit that can monitor your driving You are being monitored

At present, consumers' privacy is regulated when it comes to banking transactions, medical records, phones and Internet use. But your automobile which is basically a rolling computer is not regulated

All too often,"People just don't know it's happening," says Dorothy Glancy, A law professor at Santa Clara University in California who specializes in Transportation and Privacy. "People should be able to decide whether they want their data collected or not"

In recent years Auto Manufacturers have turned your vehicle from a product you own and control to one you merely use and license, much like software, and are hidden between dozens of pages of "Small Print"

Apart from its implications of what the meaning of “Ownership” really is. There is the fear that your personal data and driving habits collected by your car infringes on your privacy. As it is inevitably transferred to the car manufacturer and sold to third parties. This is similar to the practices at telecommunication providers, which has some of the worst examples and put people in dangerous situations by selling their location data Which stalkers got a hold of. This is exactly what most all modern cars can do. And if your car is electric? It is

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