Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Keeping Our Children Safe Online

Parents have to get involved. Just as they know every detail of the playground around the corner — the jungle gym, the swings — they need to know their kids’ online playground as well,” says Tim Lordan, staff director of the Internet Education Foundation, a nonprofit group that produces the online safety guide GetNetWise. It may be hard to keep your eyes open after visiting what seems like the 100th website devoted to Barbie, but playing copilot to your child is the best way to make sure she gets a smooth ride. By the time she’s 7, you won’t need to be glued to her side, but you should be somewhere in the room or checking in frequently

Keeping children away from the dangers of the Internet may seem like fighting a losing battle. But sticking with a few basic guidelines and teaching your kids about safe surfing will help tremendously

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