Saturday, December 21, 2019

How can you Protect your Personal Wi-Fi?

Personal Wi-Fi Security

Home Wi-Fi Security

Prevent Wi-Fi Based Attacks

Do I really Need to Secure my Home Wi-Fi?

Other people connecting to your home Wi-Fi may not be the biggest security threat to you, but it still should raise some concerns. In most cases this will result in reduced bandwidth as part of your connection is being used by some one else. And depending on your service plan, this could increase your cost. In some cases your Wi-Fi just might be used to preform illegal activities as the authorities may identify you as the culprit

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What is "Your connection is not Secure"

The "Your connection is not Secure" error can show when trying to connect to a secure website. This means that your Browser is preventing you from browsing the web page because it cannot establish a secure connection

When you browse to a HTTPS web site, your browser sends a request to the Websites Server. Both the Browser and the Server need to complete an SSL/TLS handshake to establish a secure connection (you can learn more about the SSL/HTTPS here). During the handshake, the website sends its SSL certificate to your browser to prove that it is secure and on the encryption protocol they will use to communicate

If your browser has trouble validating the SSL Certificate, a secure connection will not be established. Most Browsers today will stop you and will show you a "Your connection is not Secure" or sometimes a "Your connection is not Private" error message. And depending on what browser, what operating system, and how the Web Server is configured, you could get different variations of the same message

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

USB Drive Encryption

Protecting Sensitive Information

Protecting Personal Information

Information security is crucial if your USB or Flash drive stores sensitive or personal information. They have become very important when we need to store such data. The best way to protect the data in your storage devices is to use encryption software. If these devices happen to be stolen you can make sure the person with the right encryption key only can access the information

If you only use your USB on one device then...

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DNS Hijacking or Redirecting

DNS based attack is not something the average Internet surfer would know about but this can be a serious online threat. To learn about DNS hijacking or redirecting you first need to understand what DNS is and what it does

How DNS works

DNS "Domain Name System" functions as an interpreter between humans, (who communicate with words) And computers (who communicate with numbers). When you type in a Domain Name such as "" your Computer needs the IP ( to actually find it and route you there. It does this by sending a query to a DNS Server That stores a database of IP addresses and their associated hostnames or domain names

What is it, How to Prevent it

Sunday, December 8, 2019

How to Delete your Saved Passwords in you Browsers

Why would you want to delete your Browser Passwords?

Saved passwords can be accessed by third parties, It could be a friend borrowing your computer. Your "X" which may not have bad intentions by accessing your social media accounts. However, a more tech savvy person will know that most Browsers today will let them check passwords even being off-line. Surprisingly, this information can be revealed with a few simple clicks of the mouse

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Should I Wipe my Smartphone before I Sell it?

Before you sell, give away, or trade in your device you should delete all of your personal information

It is important that all your sensitive or personal data is deleted. Leaving personal information on your old devices can lead to humiliation or expose you to hackers. No matter who your old phone or tablet goes to you should always wipe it before giving it to them. The main reason for this is to protect your privacy, but it also makes it easier for the new owner to set it up "as new". There are several important things to do when removing your data from your old phone

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Friday, December 6, 2019

Internet Surfing Habits to Avoid

There are many ways you can get yourself in trouble on the Web, some of these habits are common mistakes you should stop. You will be surprised at how many times these dangerous surfing habits are overlooked. Are you guilty of any of the below examples? If "Yes" try our solutions, they could just save you from some very big trouble

Have you ever Clicked on “Agree” without reading the terms (and installing some malware). Downloaded files from questionable websites. Doing online shopping with that free public WiFi. Using simple passwords, because you think no one is watching

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How do I Stop and Block Spam Text Messages

More than just wasting your time and being annoying. Unwanted calls and Spam texts can cost you money

Unwanted text messages can be annoying and can cost you, especially if your data plan has limited texts. There is ways to block unwanted texts using your phone, through your carrier, or using a third-party app. There's even a number you can report spam messages to

You can use third party apps. However, they also mostly block spam calls rather than texts. If you do decide to use such apps, beware that some of them might gather your data without your permission or even sell it to other companies. Read their privacy policies carefully

Here are some other steps to can do to help stop these spam messages