Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What is "Your connection is not Secure"

The "Your connection is not Secure" error can show when trying to connect to a secure website. This means that your Browser is preventing you from browsing the web page because it cannot establish a secure connection

When you browse to a HTTPS web site, your browser sends a request to the Websites Server. Both the Browser and the Server need to complete an SSL/TLS handshake to establish a secure connection (you can learn more about the SSL/HTTPS here). During the handshake, the website sends its SSL certificate to your browser to prove that it is secure and on the encryption protocol they will use to communicate

If your browser has trouble validating the SSL Certificate, a secure connection will not be established. Most Browsers today will stop you and will show you a "Your connection is not Secure" or sometimes a "Your connection is not Private" error message. And depending on what browser, what operating system, and how the Web Server is configured, you could get different variations of the same message

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