Monday, January 13, 2020

How To Make Your Website Cross Browser Compatible

What Is Cross Browser Compatibility?

Cross-browser compatibility refers to the situation where a website displays in the same manner, in all web-enabled devices, no matter what their type is. All technologies are not built the same. As a result, some technologies are not mutually compatible with each other. For instance, a website may end up being compatible with a Mac browser version and at the same time not compatible with a PC web browser version. This provides a great need for website owners to ensure that their websites are compatible with all web enabled devices

How Important is Cross Browser Compatibility?

Is cross-browser compatibility really important? The answer is Yes! Browser compatibility is very important. If your website is not browser compatible, it could cost you your customers. This is because whenever users encounter problems on a website, most opt to leave the site and will not return. After all, why would a user return to your website whereas there are other websites that they could browse. Cross-browser compatibility is essential if you are to keep your customers. Otherwise, you will be on the losing end, and at the same time enriching your competitors

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