Thursday, August 27, 2020

Domain Names What Exactly are They


With the World Wide Web all websites have a unique Domain Name or a URL "Uniform Resource Locator". These URLs are assigned a set of unique numbers called IP numbers or "Internet Protocol Numbers". All Web Servers use this individual I.P. address to identify and connect the Website to the end-users - You, the Internet surfer</p>

<p>While one cannot choose the I.P. address of the Website or change the URL. We can choose a Domain and the domain ending extension. "TLD's". In a more simple example a domain name is our postal address on the world wide web. And TLDs form the essential parts of our address in the virtual world

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Best Products and Services Review Websites

Do you know that the large majority of Review websites do not review anything. They are nothing more than "Affiliate Websites"? They are basically advertisement websites that contain links to companies that pay out for new customers. Read further to learn how to identify phony review sites and how to carry out your own comparisons when buying any product

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Hosting with Softaculous over 450 Scripts Available WordPress AbanteCart PrestaShop Joomla...

Softaculous is one of the most widely used Auto Installer in the Web Hosting industry. Enabling you to quickly install any of the leading online scripts easily and securely. Installing application such as Wordpress and Joomla takes only seconds and can be performed easily without the need of setting up any databases, importing structure, or setting permissions for any files. Has helped millions of users install scripts and applications by a few clicks of your mouse

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Wordpress Resources

For Individuals, Developers and Professionals Information, Popular Themes, Essential Plugins, Tools and Services, WordPress Blogs

WordPress currently runs more than 70 million websites. Some of those sites include CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes, and many other popular sites that you probably use or see every single day/p>

WordPress has become the world's most popular Content Management System. Easy to started and extremely versatile. One of the best blogging platforms ever

Nearly 17% of the websites in the entire world run thanks to WordPress

More than 30,000 Word Press plugins are available

WordPress offers complete translations in a number of different languages including German, Croatian, Japanese, Norwegian, Slovenian, Hebrew, Spanish, Indonasian, English (Canada), Swedish, Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Italian, Dutch, Macedonian, French,and many more

WordPress even beats Joomla and Drupal when it comes to usage

WordPress is the preferred source for bloggers and freelancers

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Importance of Internet Security for your Website

One of the best options to protect your website is to install an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. You may not notice but you come across SSL (HTTPS) websites when you browse the web. Just look for the padlock in the address bar. SSL encrypts all content between your Website and your visitors. Google even warns visitors when entering a site without SSL

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Any Server system with multiple open ports, multiple services and multiple scripting languages is vulnerable. Because it has so many points of entry. It is also known that poorly written software creates security issues. And the number of exploits that could create web security issues is directly proportional to the size and complexity of your web applications and web server. If your system has been correctly configured and your IT staff has been very punctual about applying security patches and updates your risks are low. Then there is the matter of the applications you are running. These too require frequent updates