Friday, December 18, 2020

Free Website Builders

 No matter what type of website you are creating, there is a builder that will suit almost any type of layout you can image

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and some other popular ones have seized a large market share. But some other builders will do equally as well. Some even better

In this guide, we will be showing some of the more uncommon Website Builders or Content Management Systems "CMS" available for the website projects that you might have. These CMS's are great options, especially if you're just starting

Our list of the top 10 Free Website builders



e107 is a time-tested and open source CMS powered by MySQL and PHP


When we think of Concrete5, we think of intuitive editing


An Enterprise Content Management System for creating, managing, and publishing any digital content


Yet another great CMS to choose from

CMS Made Simple

With CMS Made Simple, it's goodbye to complicated Content Management Systems

Bolt CMS

Bolt claims to be the best CMS available to editors, developers, and newbies.


WebsiteBaker enables you to create any website of your choice with ease.


WonderCMS, unlike others mentioned above, is exceptionally lightweight, small, does not use databases like MySQL


Are you looking for a friendly and powerful open source CMS with a well scalable API?


It's all about trying to make a difference when it comes to web development and CMS technology

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