Monday, March 22, 2021

Best Hosting Review Websites

 Almost all "Best Web Hosting Reviews" found online are not review sites at all. Learn how to spot these fake review websites and how you can do your own comparison when shopping for a great web hosting company

The World Wide Web is inundate by literally thousands of "Best Review" websites. These sites can have a massive impact on the perception about a product or service. But most people do not know that the large majority of these review websites do not review anything. They are nothing more than "Affiliate Websites"

Best Hosting Reviews

How can you tell if a hosting review site is just another affiliate website?
Even some are the biggest name Websites like CNET and are nothing more than Advertisement Websites

Affiliate Programs

Why does almost every website, blog, YouTube video with the "Best Hosting Websites" seem to recommend just a handful of Hosting Companies?

Those Companies pay the highest affiliate commissions

Most of the biggest hosting companies have affiliate or payout programs
(This is why they need you to sign up for at least a year, They have to pay out their commission)

Below is a short list of Affiliate companies:
BlueHost $65 per referral
Host Gator $50-$125 per referral (depends upon sign up volume per month)
Squidix $25 per referral
MDDHosting $15 per referral
Fresh Roasted Hosting $15 per referral
MonsterMegs $20 per referral
DreamHost (not an EIG company) - $30 for month to month and $97 for annual referrals
LiquidWeb (not an EIG company) - $60 per referral
GoDaddy (not an EIG company) - 30% commission

Most of the above sites are EIG* companies

The Endurance International Group (EIG) formerly BizLand owns over 70 web hosting companies
This includes BlueHost, HostGator, iPage, FatCow,, IPower, A Small Orange, etc. There’s nothing wrong with owning a bunch of brands, but not having honest reviews by honest Reviewers is just bad businesses. This company grows by acquiring new brands continuously to stay on top of the "Best of" and "Top 5" lists out there on the Internet. It’s a public company, feel free to check it out for yourself

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