Sunday, March 21, 2021

Best Product Review Websites and Why They are Fake

Do you know that the large majority of Review websites do not review anything. They are nothing more than "Affiliate Websites"? They are basically advertisement websites that contain links to companies that pay out for new customers. Read further to learn how to identify phony review sites and how to carry out your own comparisons when buying any product

 Spotting That Fake Review Site

Are you finding similar "Best Reviews" websites? Are they all reviewing the same products or companies?

When reading the reviews do you notice similar word groupings and writing styles?

This often means the reviewers are either copying information or that the reviews were all written by the same person. Yes we have seen as many as 12 different websites all written by the same person

Check if the outgoing links on the "Reviewed Products" include an affiliate tracking code. If so anything appearing on the site is based not in truth, but in what is most likely to generate sales

If everything on the website is nothing but advertising disguised as impartial reviews, then they have no expectation of having visitors return, and consequently no risk of anyone questioning the integrity of the reviews

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