Thursday, March 25, 2021

DNS Hijacking, DNS Redirecting, How to Prevent it

 DNS based attack is not something the average World Wide Web user would know about. But this can be a serious online threat. To learn about DNS hijacking or redirecting you first need to understand what DNS is and how it is used with the Internet

 How Does DNS Hijacking Happen

DNS is highly decentralized. No single DNS Server contains all the IP addresses and Domain Names for the whole Internet. Your request will travel across a multitude of DNS Servers before you see your results

DNS hijacking is the practice of redirecting DNS queries. You send out a query but a third party steers the query the wrong way. As a result, a false IP address is used and the wrong website is shown in your Browser

Sometimes a different website that looks exactly like the web page you wanted is shown
This is known as phishing scams. Hackers create fake copies of a website to extract critical information

But In most cases, DNS Redirecting is more annoying than harmless. When you type the Domain of a website that does not exist you would normally see a 404 Error Message

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