Saturday, December 17, 2022

10 Outstanding Ideas for Powerful Website Content

These days, premium content is a pivotal component of effective digital marketing. In fact, studies show that:

6 in 10 customers are prompted to learn more about a product when they have read topical and informative content about it.

Content marketing yields more than triple the number of leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Best Project Management Software

 The best project management software makes it simple and easy to enable teams to organize projects and tasks. Features include the ability to set up a team and allow communication between members, the assignment of specific subtasks with dates for completion, as well as goals, calendars, progress reports, analytics to provide data on workflows, and can be edited by using any web browser without extra add-ons or extensions

The Best Customer Relationship Management Software

 CRM's are a business strategy that stresses good ongoing relationships with your customers. Manage sales, track your client communication, and connect your projects, marketing activities and much more with a Customer Relationship Management program.

What is the Best Self-Hosted Customer Support Programs, Scripts or Apps?

 Help desk software is a popular business application that organizes all incoming customer communications in a single platform. Customer support teams will use help desk software to effectively manage large volumes of customer requests.

The Best Community Bulletin Board or Forums Software

 Online bulletin boards are packed with features and their interface is designed to encourage chatter. They can be edited by using any web browser without extra add-ons or extensions.

What is the Best Self-Hosted Social Networking Programs, Scripts or Apps?

Social networking programs allows users to connect, communicate and share data with each other. Most businesses use social media as a marketing tool, and it’s easy to see why. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have billions of users combined. Having a cohesive social media presence allows businesses to reach their customers in creative ways.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Getting Started with cPanel

 File Manager, phpMyAdmin, Domains

Error Pages, User Manager, Softaculous

Email Accounts, Managing Files, Domains
FTP, Installing WordPress, Back Up Wizard

The Complete Guide to cPanel


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

What are the Best WordPress Plugins

 WordPress Plugins for any Website

Security, Blog, Contact Form, Social Media, Backup, SEO Plugins

Whatever purpose your website is going to serve, whether it is a personal or a business site. You have to make sure it is equipped with the right functionality. Although launching a website involves a lot of planning, organizing, designing and other considerations
It is absolutely essential to give a careful thought about the visual appearance, readability and overall functionality.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Focusing on the right ranking factors


SEO Ranking Factors

Google's Search Engine Optimization Ranking Factors are the elements of your web pages that Google's algorithm takes into consideration when deciding how websites rank in the search results for a given search query.

Domain Names
Meta Tags - Title
Internal Links - External Links

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Using the File Manager Interface with cPanel

 cPanel Tutorials, FAQs, How To Guides

Over 75 different hosting features

Manage and edit your files or folders

Files > File Manager

Upload, download, create, copy, move, update, edit, view, extract, compress, password protect, search, delete, restore
Files, images or folders

Here, you can also enable "Show Hidden Files" option.
With this option, System files such as the .htaccess will be displayed in File Manager as well.


The Complete Guide to cPanel

 Getting Started with cPanel

File Manager, phpMyAdmin, Domains
Error Pages, User Manager, Softaculous

Email Accounts, Managing Files, Domains
FTP, Installing WordPress, Back Up Wizard

The Complete Guide to cPanel


cPanel is a Web based control panel where you can manage almost everything with your Website.
With more than 75 different features


What is a robots.txt file

 Prevent Search Engines and Bots

From crawling or Indexing their sites

How does a robots.txt file work?

robots.txt file

A robots.txt file is a text file that tells web robots (also known as spiders or crawlers) which pages on your website to crawl and which to ignore.

When a robot crawls a website, it reads the robots.txt file to check for instructions on which pages it should crawl and which it should ignore.


Tips and Tricks for macOS

 Collection of Hacks, Tweaks, Tips, Tricks

Mac Tips Make Everyday Tasks Faster

With Short Cut Keys

With plenty of features you may never stumble upon.

macOS is a Unix operating system developed and marketed by Apple Inc. since 2001

Make the most of Mac OS with these great tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

PHP Hosting Services and Resources

Advantages of PHP Hosting. More than 87% of Websites are using PHP.
Including Wikipedia,, Tumblr and Yes RSH Web Services.
Speed, Ease of Use, Stable, Flexibility with any Application
Fastest PHP Hosting Services and Resources

Monday, August 15, 2022

Secure and Reliable Web Hosting

Complete website hosting packages with our "No Increase Pricing For Life"
All hosting plans include SSD, Site Migration, SSL Certificate.
cPanel, Softaculous with over 350 scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, AbanteCart. No long term contracts.
Best Website Hosting Services

Monday, July 25, 2022

Monday, July 18, 2022

Your Online Personal Security Tips

Until fairly recently, most people didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about their online security. That’s changed over the last few years, as identity theft, fraudulent charges, and ransomware attacks have disrupted the lives of millions.

Tips to create awareness of cyber threats and help surfers to be safer and more secure online. Computer hackers have lots of tools to threaten your Internet security

Friday, July 15, 2022

All Things Domain Names

How to Transfer a Domain Name With No Downtime. As a Domain Name owner, it is your right to transfer your domain name to any other Hosting provider, Registrar or Registrant. 

Different types of domain names Top-Level Domains (TLDs). In 1985, The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)

Domain name cannot exceed 63 characters (.com, .net, .org, .info are included). A domain name includes only alphabetic characters (a-z), numbers (0-9), an ampersand (-)


Sunday, June 5, 2022

RSH Web Hosting Services

 No more worrying about enough space or website security, all the work is done for you. Using our Hosting service we takes the work out of getting your blog off the ground. And with our simplified Registration you can get your Domain Name and website up and running in no time.

RSH Web Services


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Complete Guide of Resources for Javascript

 What Is JavaScript

JavaScript was initially created to make web pages seem alive. It is a scripting language used to create, and control dynamic website content, i.e. anything that moves, refreshes, or otherwise changes on your screen without requiring you to manually reload a web page or do anything.

 Javascript Resources
Javascript Validators
Javascript Ebooks
Javascript Tutorials
Beginners Javascript

Advanced Javascript
Javascript Utilities & Library
Javascript Cheat Sheets
Javascript Development Tools
Javascript Code Examples

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Domain Names and Hosting Resources

Serving as a gateway to the online world of information, the best domain and hosting services help your site’s readers and potential customers. 

Whether you’re setting up your first website or managing a wide portfolio of domain names, 

Finding the right registrar and website hosting provider can save you loads of time and headaches

Domain and Hosting Resources | A Listly List

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

How To Use Your Small Business Website To Step Up Your Marketing Game

Do business differently than your competitors. If you want to stand out from your competitors, it pays to do business differently than they do. Finding and exploiting holes in their business model is a great way to set your company apart.

Stand out by really understanding what you do best and exploit it. Or come up with something unique that adds value over your competition that you can offer. 8 ways to make your business stand out. Use the following ideas to help you determine that one unique, differentiating quality that only your business has

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Common Business Blogging Mistakes

Blogging is important in todays Internet market. But do this wrong and it will cost you customers and your reputation. As more businesses enter the online world of content development the scrutiny continues to increase. Consumers can be gained or lost simply from your blogging efforts, so its imperative this publicly seen activity is done correctly.

In this article we will explore why businesses should have a blog. The biggest mistakes made by Bloggers and how to avoid these potential pitfalls.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Without A Website You Are Losing Business


By not having a website, you’re losing potential customers. Even if you have taken the time to build your Facebook presence and have your products or services displayed on Instagram or Etsy, you are still missing out.

Websites come in all different shapes and sizes. And many different types or combination of types. Which you choose will depend on what you want to achieve with your website and the functionality you’ll need with it

We will explain and help you understand what type of websites you can build. And help choosing a Domain Name if needed. Help you launch your website successfully, what ever your goals might be

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Do You Trust Hosting Reviews Websites?

 Choosing the best web host should be your top priority for any website owner. Your choice of hosting provider can and will directly influence the quality and success of your website. 

They control how well your website works, how fast it loads, the availability during outages, and most important the security. All of which directly impact your customer's user experience and the success of your site.

Other Sites Showing Fake Hosting Review Websites

We are not the only ones that are concerned about this problem

It has gotten so bad their is even apps to Analyze and identify fake reviews and counterfeits
Tricked By The Best Web Hosting Services
Millions of those 5-star online reviews are fake, Here’s how to spot them

Fake Online Reviews: Here Are Some Tips for Detecting Them

The Guardian
Fake reviews plague consumer websites
Why is an honest web host review so hard to find?

Brook Hosting
Beware of Fake Wordpress Hosting Review Sites

Web Hosting Reviews
How to Spot Imitation Review Websites

Hostinger Review
Fake reviews and con artists

Research As A Hobby
Fake web hosting reviews. How to recognize them
Web Hosting Reviews - Fake or True

5 Reasons Why Fake Web Hosting Reviews Are The Plague of the Internet

How to Recognize Fake Hosting Reviews
Independent Web Hosting Reviews - They're scams

Review Signal
Web Hosting Reviews Are A Cesspool.
Hostgator and EIG Review, NOT RECOMMENDED
Beware of the fake web hosting reviews consumer reports
How to Spot a Fake Review Website
Beware of The FAKE Web Hosting Reviews Consumer Reports
The 14 Types of Fake Review Sites
Dirty, Slimy, Shady Secrets of the Web Hosting Review
How to Recognize Biased Online Reviews


Friday, April 1, 2022

Social Networking Hosting Services

 Social Networking Services is an online vehicle for creating relationships with other people. They can use their connections to grow relationships through sharing, emailing, instant messaging, and commenting on websites, forms, blogs. Successful specialized Social Networking Services include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, TikTok to mention a few.

Open Source
Family Connections
GNU social
Elgg 4

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Best Web Hosting Services

 Often overlooked, web hosting is one of the key components of every successful website. Choosing the best hosting for your needs can improve your SEO and increase sales.
When safeguarding your site and data against attacks, look for the best web hosting with a free SSL certificate

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Project Management Hosting Services

 Project management software are programs that enable online collaboration between teammates.

These tools simplify the roles of project leaders by automating simple tasks, organizing workflows, and facilitating smooth communication between all team members. 

The purpose of this software is to help leaders plan, execute, adapt, and finish projects

Project management software helps project managers and teams complete client requirements and manage time, budget, and scope constraints

Content Management System Hosting Services

 Content Management System software is used to create digital content or website content.

This website builder software is a set of bundled applications allowing programmers and content creators to design and redesign web templates, articles and have a smooth publishing workflow. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at how content management systems work, and the features and benefits of CMS. As we explore the top content management systems available, we’re also taking into consideration specific factors to consider when searching for the perfect one.

In an ever-evolving digital marketing space,
CMS software makes it easy to offer superior customer experiences

Friday, March 18, 2022

What Is DNS Hijacking


Domain Name Server Hijacking

DNS based attack is not something the average World Wide Web user would know about. But this can be a serious online threat.

To understand what DNS hijacking or redirecting is, you first need to learn what DNS is and how it is used with the Internet

Learn about DNS Hijacking or DNS Redirecting Vulnerabilities


Monday, March 7, 2022

Health Blogs – Latest and Breaking News


Health Blogs – Latest and Breaking News 2022

Friday, January 21, 2022

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

 When choosing a domain name for your blog, website or business it is must for you to do it thoughtfully and carefully

Your domain name is often the first point of contact people have with your brand, and therefore creates in a person’s mind their first impression of your business.

It is vital that you make the domain name for your business something that is not too complicated, that represents your brand well, and that will help your audience to remember you.

Making that Strong First Impression

Select a Domain that Looks as Great as your Website

How do I Choose a Good Name for my Website?

Domain Names for Financial Companies


How important is the right domain name for financial companies

Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, and everyone else who has a business involving money. There are now many new Domain Name choices available beyond .com for your website

Some of the new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are generic. But many are specific to types of businesses and people, including those in the financial industry

Listed are the most popular financial Domains available


Sports Domain Names

 Extensions related to Sports for your Website

For Sites focused on anything sport related
These Domains is a great way to increase your online presence

Starting a Sports related Blog? A Sporting News Website?
A site that sells sporting goods? Maybe a sports related coaching website?
Or another website that is connected to sports?

 Consider having your website's domain name a "Sports" Domain

This would ensure that it is always seen as a Sports website, and will be highly remembered for this

Choosing a descriptive Domain Name extension (Top Level Domain) will make your website topic known even before they even visit it

Here are 24 "Sports" related Domain Names you can Register at RSH Web Services

All things Sports Related

.Food .Drink .Restaurant .Bar Domain Names

 Domain Extensions for your Website

Be creative. Get more than one

Increase your online presence

Your domain name is the very important and a unique address for your Website. The name shows off your presence on the Internet. It can be your One Of A Kind business trademark

Choosing a descriptive Domain Name extension (Top Level Domain) will make your website topic known. Even before they even visit it

Domain Extensions

Listed are 23 domain extensions that fall under the restaurant, bar, food and drink categories
You do not always need to use the .com domain name



Friday, January 14, 2022

Should I Register Multiple Domain Names For One Website?

 Often when a business or person makes the decision to purchase a Domain, they search for the .com version and register only one

But considering the low cost of domain names, registering only one can be a mistake.

And given the current competitive landscape for Top Level Domain, if there are domain names that sound like they could or should be a part of your brand and you do not own them, someone else just might buy it. It might be intentional or accidental on their part but spending a few extra bucks might mean the protection of your brand. Is it worth it? That is entirely up to you but we think yes

Register Multiple Domain Names


What happens if I do not renew my domain name?

 Losing your Domain Name can be a big lose to your website, business, your brand, and your reputation. This could also leave it open to being re-registered. And also possibly used for malicious purposes

Why Renew Your Domain

Domain Names are more important than you might realize. They are in affect your online identity and represent your business.


What are the Advantages of a .ORG Domain Name

When you register a .ORG Domain, your company or organization is automatically linked to a well established brand of trust and integrity. One of the original Top Level Domains (TLDs)

This domain became the registry of choice for organizations dedicated to serving the public interest, and today .ORG is still considered one of the most trusted domains on the Internet

Get the .ORG Advantage


How Do I Transfer my Domain Name?


While all of RSH Website Hosting plans come with a free "For Life" Domain Registration
Not just the first year like other hosting companies. But as long as your website is being hosted with us.

You are most welcome to use a Domain you already own. Below you will find steps to allow you to do this, it's not that hard to do

Transferring Your Domain Name


What Is The Meaning Of .COM

 In the early days of the Internet, sites with .com addresses were businesses with the intent of selling something, either directly or indirectly. The .com suffix contrasts with .net, .gov, .edu and .org, which represent networking, government, education and organization entities

Once Internet access spread across the globe, dot-com lost its meaning as a commercial designator. Today anyone can purchase a URL with a .com top-level domain for any purpose

.com is the most popular top level Domain address


Domain Name Transferring With No Down Time


Transferring a Domain Name means that you want to take your Domain that is registered with a particular Registrar and move your Domain Name to another Registrar or a different Hosting Provider.

When moving your Domain Name their are a few things you should do first. By doing a little prep work you can save yourself a lot of trouble 

With little or no down time

Domain Names - What Exactly are They


With the World Wide Web all websites have a unique Domain Name or a URL "Uniform Resource Locator". These URLs are assigned a set of unique numbers called IP numbers or "Internet Protocol Numbers". All Web Servers use this individual I.P. address to identify and connect the Website to the end-users - You, the Internet surfer

While one cannot normally choose or change the I.P. Address of the Website. We can choose a Domain and the domain ending extension - "TLD"
For a simple example a domain name is our postal address and the TLDs could be called the zip code

What are Domain Names


Is Your Domain Name Taken?


You are finally ready to launch your business or personal website
You chose the perfect domain name and you are ready to start the process

But wait. You use a domain name search tool only to find
the name you want is not available

How could this happen?
How could your domain name be taken?