Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Best Practices for How to Safely Browse the Internet.


Protecting your online presence is becoming very difficult. The Internet today is becoming advertising driven and monitored by data collecting companies as well as government agencies.

Whether they say it is for national security or to steer you towards a product. Marketers and every government want to find out everything they can about you.

How Do We Stay Safe

Stopping these entities completely is next to impossible. Hiding your browsing history and stay anonymous online is becoming more difficult. But with a few steps, we can make it much harder to track and make it difficult for anyone to expose you.

Staying Safe on the Internet

Always keep your operating system updated and patched
Always use antivirus and anti-spyware software and keep them updated
Always keep your applications updated and patched, particularly if they work with your browser, such as multimedia programs used for viewing videos
Always block or close pop-up windows, most are malicious and hide attacks. This will help block malicious software from being installed to your device
Never visit untrusted websites or follow links provided by unknown or untrusted sources.


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